Leaver destinations

Senior schools

St Ives is a truly independent school and prides itself on preparing the girls for a wide range of senior schools, both locally and beyond. Typically these include local popular choices such as Guildford High School, Cranleigh School, Priors' Field, St Catherine’s, The Royal, Tormead and Dunhurst. Further afield our girls have gone to Queenswood, Roedean and Sherborne.

Senior school scholarships are often awarded to girls at St Ives and we are always delighted by the positive feedback we receive about our girls and how well they are prepared for life at senior school. 

"Girls from St Ives are true all rounders. They prove to be an asset to any school they join as they are superbly prepared for senior school". Fiona Boulton, Head Teacher of Guildford High School

"St Ives girls are always a presence in our entrance cohort at 11+. They are very well prepared for this academically selective environment, bring warmth and a strong sense of personal responsibility to their new School, and contribute hugely to our wide extra-curricular programme. They go on hold positions of authority in the School and proceed to some of the top universities in the country. We are proud of our long association with St Ives". Alice Phillips, Headmistress of St Catherine's School

Destination September 2017  September 2016 September 2015  September 2014 September 2013 September 2012
Guildford High School 22%  37%  7% 8% 22% 15%
St Catherine's School, Bramley         11%  9%  14% 42% 17% 27%
Seaford College    9%     4%  
Prior's Field School 11%  27%  14% 18% 26% 14%
Tormead School 11%     8% 9% 4%
King Edward's School 11%       4%  
Cranleigh School         4%  
Eggar's School         8%  
The Royal School    18%  7% 8%   32%
Churcher's College      37%     4%
Lavant House           4%
Sherborne         4%  
Midhurst Rother College        16%    
Queenswood, Hatfield      7%      
Roedean      7%      
Midhurst Rother College      7%      
St George's Ascot 11%          
Frensham Heights 22%          

Prep schools

At St Ives we have a strong reputation for preparing our pupils thoroughly and successfully for entrance to their first choice of next stage school. Our Year 2 boys are no exception to this, and we have in place a rigorous and detailed programme designed to ensure that all our Year 2 boys are fully prepared and completely ready for both the preparatory school entrance exam and the change of life they will find once they start in their new school in Year 3.

As a result of building relationships with a range of prep schools in our area, we know what these schools are looking for from our boys. It is this collaboration that forms the backbone of our work in ensuring that St Ives boys meet and exceed each criteria they set, and offering them solid and reliable preparation for the next stage of their academic careers.

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